Training, hope and future — Steps to tomorrow

NEBA provides different kind of training. We know how to train people in business and working life. Our training is practical, easy to receive and to apply to everyday life. There are concrete results in our training. New businesses, new jobs, better quality of life and more satisfaction and security in work.

Through training people get new information, new knowledge and new perspectives. Training also changes attitudes and challenges values. We start to think and see things in a different way. Training gives new skills and improves old ones. People will manage better in their work and in their business. They have more skills and abilities to cope with practical challenges.

For many training is a door to Hope. Hope which comes from a strengthened self-esteem and self-respect – ”I can do it”. ”I can make things happen”. Challenges and difficulties in our life try to steal our hope. Unemployment, economical crisis and many other turmoils in our society communicate despair and negative thinking. It easy to see only the problems around us and in our life. Training gives tools to cope with change and turn difficult situations into solutions. Trough training new possibilities will open up. There is hope in the future.

For many people there is no relevant future. No future with possibilities. Society around people does not offer jobs, education or other possibilities to develop and see a future. Entrepreneurial and business training will open possibilities and gives new perspectives to see the future. With our training in NEBA, we want to give the tools to change the status quo, to take bold steps forward and to help people see the possibilities in the future.

Practical training gives concrete results. Lives are improved by new knowledge, changed attitudes and changed actions. Changed people will change the world around themselves too. Our vision is to provide tools to a better life.

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