What is NEBA?

NEBA (North European Business Academy) is a web-based Academy. At NEBA we seek to help and train people to start a new business, to develop their existing business, to study business and have an academy degree in business studies.

NEBA was created to help people evaluate and recognize their strengths so that they will see the potential they might have as entrepreneurs. We want to encourage everyone to step into the business development process (BDP)!


NEBA students come from all over the world. Anyone who speaks English, Spanish or Arabic can study at NEBA. Many of the students find themselves in a situation where they are interested to see if self-employment and having their own business would be a good solution for them for their future. Our focus is particularly on young people and people between jobs, and generally those who need help in starting their own business.


As a sponsor, you will enable students to study at NEBA. For many of the students wanting to take the NEBA course even the reasonably small amount of 50 euroa can be too much in their current situation. A sponsor pays the tuition fees of the student to NEBA. This is usually 10 or more students to NEBA, but there is also possibility for individual sponsorship (see below).

We have four different sponsorship options.

  1. SELF-DISTRIBUTION. You can buy the licences from us (minimum 10), and distribute them yourself to those you want to sponsor for the course.
  2. SPONSOR THROUGH US. You can donate to our sponsorship scheme and we at NEBA will choose the students to be sponsored. Through this path every sponsored student has applied with a written application where they explain their business and life situation and their plans for the future/for business. We then choose the students who are truly motivated and who can benefit the most from the sponsorship. In this option, if you wish you can also influence who will be sponsored, and also we will keep you informed who your sponsoring has helped.
  3. GIFT PACKAGE. The third option is buying a gift backage for one person. This includes Study rights (1 year), the study book, Business Process Maturity test, Certificate with feedback from the Businessplan
  4. BUSINESS ANGEL PACKAGE – PERSONAL INVOLMENT. Business Angel package includes the gift package plus your own personal involvement. You can personally become a mentor to someone wanting to start a business. You can mentor them through their business development process and direct them while they are working on their business plan. Our system allows for interactive communication – through our system you can comment electronically on the business plan formation. – 200€

For pricing of the different sponsoring options, please see our pricing page.


There are seven good reasons to sponsor NEBA students:

  1. It is an investment in helping people. You will be supporting one or more individuals. It is an investment in helping and supporting others trying to improve their life conditions.
  2. It will change lives. We have seen that training, education and entrepreneurship will change people’s lives. It is an opportunity to see how big changes will happen in people’s lives by training and entrepreneurship.
  3. It enables fulfilling dreams. Many people have dreams. NEBA students are dreaming of working full-time and having a business. We help them to fullfill their dreams.
  4. It will help someone in difficult circumstances and a difficult economic situation in their lives. We sponsor individuals who cannot afford to study, to pay the fees for their studies by themselves. Your sponsorship donation will help people in need.
  5. Long-term solutions – not just first aid. Because you are sponsoring entrepreneurship, you are giving a long-term solution to people’s lives. The business that has been set up will provide income for a long time, maybe even for many other people.
  6. It will help strengthen the local economy. New businesses develop and strengthen the local economy. Your donation can have an input to many villages and cities around the world.
  7. It will create new jobs. The direct goal is to create at least one new job. The training is focusing on helping people to employ themselves. Some entrepreneurs will develop their new business further and create many new jobs on the side as well.


It is good publicity for you to sponsor entrepreneurship. We can provide you with a certificate of sponsorship. For all those who have sponsored at least 100 students, we can if you want publish your name or your company’s name on our web page. You will be able to tell your friends and acquaintances what good things are happening around the world – and you have been a part of it.

About NEBA sponsoring

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